Tools of the Trade – Computerised Mount Cutter (CMC)


The CMC is a new acquisition for us. It allows us to design and cut our own photo mounts in a variety of styles and designs and gives us a great deal of creative opportunities. We chose the Gunnar F1 Hybrid as we felt is was best for our needs.

The photo shows a close up of the cutting head (above the blue light) and the pen head (with black clamps). The CMC is fast and accurate and we are very pleased with the results we are getting and so are our customers.


A 19th Centruy mezzotint


This mezzotint has come in for reglazing and some repair work to the frame. It illustrates the Generals of Waterloo at their annual gathering in London and was printed in 1845. The frame is a simple reverse profile burr maple veneer. It has seen better days but the customer wanted to keep it so we will be repairing rather than reframing.

Tools of The Trade – The Morso Framers Guillotine


The Morso framing guillotine; to be found in just about every bespoke framers in the UK and probably world wide. The Morso is used for cutting picture frame moulding very precisely to get perfectly formed mitre joints. They are made in Denmark and are very long lasting, mine is quite young at about 15 years