An Old Frame – Can we fix it? Yes we can!

This is the frame that the mezzotint belongs to (see earlier post). Its in a bit of a sorry state as you can see from the pictures. Apparently it was hung in a cow shed for a while and got wet, this has lead to the veneer coming off in many places and the corners separating.

The frame is salvageable but this won’t be a full restoration job. The worst bit is the slip (just visible on the bench behind) . This is a gesso, bole and real gold water gilding job and it has fallen apart. I’ll need to make a replacement. The frame will be cleaned and I will make sure the veener is secure before rubbing down with 0000 grade wire wool and rewaxing.

Once that is done its a simple matter of reglazing and reassembly Water White glass for this one. Ill post the finished article.


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