Computerised Mount Cutting

Ashcraft Framing is fortunate to have a Computerised Mount Cutter (CMC) in the workshop.  The CMC does away with laborious hand cutting of mounts and opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities for designing mounts for a wide variety of framing jobs.CMC

The CMC is basically a very large automated board cutter which operates in 3 directions. It makes vertical cuts and 45 degree cuts for the bevel of mounts. It is driven by computer and uses compressed air to drive the cutting head.  It can cut full sheets of mounts and no time and each mount is perfectly cut each and every time.  Here is a short video of the CMC in action cutting a full sheet of boards.

Taking on a CMC was a big decision for us and so far we are delighted both with the capabilities of the machine and the reaction from customers when the see the results. The range of mount cutting possibilities are endless, from simple rectangles to ovals and rounds to large multi-aperture and complex designs.

CMC Software

The image on the right shows the software used to design mounts and control the CMC. The on the mount on-screen is a double mount with a decorative cut-out on the upper mount showing through.

There are many other designs available and it is easy to design mounts for specific purposes such as football shirt framing and object framing.

Below are some images recent examples of jobs where we have used the CMC. The Harry Potter multi aperture mount includes some words written directly onto the mount using the pen capability of the CMC.

potter P1010205 group-of-4


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