Self-Assembly Picture Frames – An Answer to the Artists Dilemma?

Bespoke picture framing can be regarded as a bit of a luxury and in these cash strapped times it is understandable when people sometimes hesitate to get items framed.  This is a particular problem for artists who are faced with the dilemma of having to get their art framed for an exhibition with no guarantee of being able to recoup the cost through sales.

It is well known that a decent frame can enhance the value of a painting but decent frames cost money so what do you do?  Invest in framing and increase the value and potential sale price of your work or accept substandard framing, or worse no framing, and the subsequent reduction in the value of your sales? It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation.

Self-Assembly Framing

Self assembly framing can help with this dilemma.  A lot of the cost in bespoke framing is paying for the labour of the framer, the materials account for a relatively small percentage of the overall cost.  Self-assembly framing transfers the labour element from the framer to you, saving you money without sacrificing the necessary quality.

A little bit of time and few simple tools is all that is needed to assemble a frame and prepare it for display. No specialised picture framing tools or knowledge is required.

The self assembly-frames sold by Ashcraft Framing are pre cut to the sizes you require in our workshop and assembled by you using a simple dove-tail system.  Once assembled the frames are ready to paint or stain as you see fit to compliment your works. 

For Works on Canvas or Board

A basic self-assembly frame is ideal for works on canvas or board.  The canvas is held in place by push points driven into the frame behind the canvas or simple flexible metal plates.

For Works on Paper

If you need to frame works on paper then you will need to add boards and glazing to the self-assembly frame. Once you have mounted the picture the glazing, normally acrylic, is placed inside the frame along with the mounted artwork and backing boards and the whole package is secured in place with the push points mentioned above.

For more information about our range self-assembly picture frames see our website. If you don’t see what you need please ask as we don’t have our full range of mouldings on the website.


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