An Artists Studio

As a picture framer you get to meet a lot of interesting and often creative people who you would never normally meet. Artists are one such group and often they are quite modest about the works they produce. I recently had the privilege of meeting once such artist who has taken modesty to the extreme. In the late 1980’s Gordon Snee took early retirement and took refuge in his studio. Last year Gordon was taken ill and sadly passed away early in 2013 having spent the intervening years steadily working away in his studio.

Gordon only ever exhibited sporadically and not at all over the past 20 years or so. A graduate of the Slade and a prize winner in the 1967 John Moores art competition, the year David Hockney won, and Never one for publicising or promoting his work, Gordon turned down London gallery representation in favour for a career in teaching.

As a friend I have been asked to help in cataloging and organising the disposal of the works in Gordon’s studio. I will be posting some photographs and updates as the process unfolds.

photo (1)



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