Deep Section Shadow Box Frames

I’ve had some requests recently for some deep section shadow box frames. Up until now I was making shadow boxes that gave an internal space of 17mm between the boards and the glazing. If your 3D work, such as decoupage or other 3D objects, needs a little more space I am now offering a deeper section frame which provides 33mm of useable space between the boards and the glazing.

The frames are made of solid ash and can be wall hung or used free standing (up to A4 in size).  Glazing is acrylic to avoid the possibility of breakages and the boards are antique white and acid free. Other colour boards are available if required.

The beauty of these frames is that they don’t have an ugly box sticking out the back that you see with many shadow box frames, to my mind this looks ugly and it is also is a bit of a dust trap. They look attractive as free standing display cases on sideboards or bedside tables and of course look great when wall hung.

The frames are available in a range standard and bespoke sizes.  See our website for more information.

Shadow Box deep-shadow-box


2 thoughts on “Deep Section Shadow Box Frames

  1. Shadow box frames for miniatures can be painted to showcase any collection or match any room’s decor. They’re usually not very ornamental themselves as they are meant to showcase all the little treasures nestled within their many little compartments.

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