OS Map

For some reason maps have been a popular item to have framed recently. I hadn’t done one for ages then along come three all at once! Just like the proverbial London busses.

This one was a full OS map of the Lake District. Dating from the early 1960’s the map was printed on paper mounted on linen to allow the map to be folded without falling apart, which was common practice in those days.

One of the challenges with maps is the size. This one was about a meter square and required two separate mounts cut from one sheet of mount board, spliced together to form an oversize mount. The glass was cut from a single sheet but I made sure it was exactly the right size in one dimension. A couple of mm larger and it would have required oversize glass.

The frame is made from solid ash, waxed to bring out the grain. I like using hardwood for larger frames as they provide a very strong support. A full sheet of glass, although only 2mm thick, is surprisingly heavy and something you need to protect and support correctly. Brass mirror plates were supplied for hanging.



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