Black faux ebonized frame for a canvas.

This is a small black and gold frame I made for a local artist. It’s a simple black painted frame with a distressed gold sight edge. The black is buffed to polish and provide a tough finish reminiscent of Victorian ebonized frames. The sight edge has an under coat of red bole and the gold has been distressed to give an aged look. These frames are available via our website.



New Product. Complete 30mm inlay frame for standard canvases.

Ashcraft Framing have just launched a new product available now on the website. The complete 30mm inlay frame compliments our range of completed and self-assembly frames for art on canvas and board.

Available in commonly used canvas sizes and large, and very large, sizes.


Canvas inlay frame – fittings

This is one of our inlay frames with a canvas fitted. The canvas is held in place by the four flexible brass plates you can see in each corner. The square hangars hold the canvas securely against the wall and the tape provides a professional finish. Ready to exhibit and sell! Completed or self-assembly frames are available via our website at


30mm Inlay frame for standard depth canvases

This is a new product we are adding to our range of completed frames. It is available in natural as shown, black, white and will also be available in a range of colours. More information will be available on the website soon.

The frames come in a range of sizes and come with all fittings.


Full time

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while may know, Ashcraft Framing has been run part time for a little while now while we finished off with other commitments elsewhere.

Things have changed for the better and from today, January 5th 2015, Ashcraft Framing is a full time operation.

We will be increasing our online offerings and making a few changes to our range. Lots of work to do but we are really looking forward to getting started.