St Ives Frame

Frames such as this were popularised in early to mid 20th century through the work of the St Ives artists in Cornwall. Also know as Nicholson frames after Ben Nicholson, they remain popular to this day. They are normally made from three sections of frame profile; one for the inner frame, a flat section and another profile for the outer frame.  Commonly finished in  white paint or gesso and paint they work extremely well for wide variety of art styles. This frame is suitable for art on standard depth canvas or boards/panels. 

Ashcraft Framing will be offering these frames via our website soon. initially in white only , then in unfinished wood and ultimately in self-assembly form to support the demand for large frames of this type.



6 thoughts on “St Ives Frame

  1. The inner frame. Is this a standard rebated moulding simply stuck and/or screwed to the flat slip, or is it a moulding with a rebate also on the outside bottom which sits into, and over, the inside edge of the flat slip moulding? Where do you source your mouldings for these frames?

    • Thanks for your message. For the moment these are only available in finished form. We had intended to provide them in unfinished and self-assembly however the moulding they are made of has turned out to be rather difficult to work with and needs special equipment to join successfully. In the light of this we adjusted the pricing a little to keep them within reach of more artists so the frames you see on the website actually represent good value for a frame of this kind.

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