New Frame Design

We have added a new frame to our range. This is a St Ives/Nicholson inlay frame. Slightly different than the standard frame in that this is designed to take canvases and panels where the edges are shown such as paintings where the artist has painted right up to the edge of the canvas, heavy impasto or encaustic works.


Simple doesn’t mean easy.

This is a very thought provoking article by
a writer I know well. He writes about the inescapable
fact that to be good at something, you have to put
the work in, there are few if any shortcuts. This applies
to so many things including art and picture framing to name but two.

Martin Swinford Books


I’m coming to the conclusion that whatever it is you’re trying to do, the way to be successful can usually be reduced to a set of simple steps.

This should come as no surprise. Throw a metaphorical rock at the Internet and you will hit dozens of articles telling you how to do stuff. Want to lose weight? Follow these steps. Want to play the guitar? Watch this video. Want to write a book? Buy this book.

The problems come when people actually try to do these things, because simple is not the same as easy. Losing weight is a simple biological process, take in fewer calories than you use, and then do it the next day, and the next,  but for some people that is a very difficult thing to do. If it wasn’t then Weight Watchers and all the other companies who make money out of people wanting to…

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