Shabby Chic Frame

This is one of a batch of shabby chic frames we have just made. A natural plain wood frame, red bole undercoat, Farrow and Ball ‘Mizzle’ top coat, fine grade sand paper, wax and a good buff. Nice.


Frame parts…

These are some of the frame parts I’m using to make a number of Nicholson frames for an artist. there are the inner frame and panel, the outer frames will be cut once these have been assembled.


Large Inlay Frames

I made 5 large inlay frames for a customers stretched canvases. They were delivered to Cardiff and my customer kindly sent a photograph after he had fitted the canvases. I can see the other frames behind, waiting to be hung.

The frames were simple 30mm wide inlay frames to fit 20mm deep canvases. the frames were painted black and waxed to protect the frame and provide an attractive finish.  The canvases are held in place using small brass flexible plates.


Hand finished antique gold frame moulding

I’ve been working on some hand finished moulding this afternoon. The moulding started off as plain wood, but after several coats of various paints and finishing techniques we end up with these aged gold lengths of frame moulding. Normally this kind of finish is applied to a complete frame but in this instance the customer wanted to assemble the frames themselves so will be receiving cut and routed lengths ready to join.


Framing a large canvas

I am increasingly being asked to provide frames for artists who paint on large canvases and often the price of a large frame can be considerable. This can be a major stumbling block for artists who are not sure that an painting will sell and can discourage them from painting in sizes that they would wish too.

To help overcome this Ashcraft Framing sell self-assembly frames which can be assembled by the artist and work out considerably cheaper than taking the painting to a bespoke framer.

The picture below measures 4ft by 3ft and was framed using one of our self assembly kits. The kits can be ordered for any size up to around 10ft.