Using foam spacers to align your canvas in its frame.

A handy tip to help position your canvas is to use spacers in the corners when fixing the canvas in place. The spaces are removed when the canvas is secure.



How NOT to frame football shirts


I was walking through Copenhagen airport while waiting for a flight and came across these framed Danish football jerseys. They are signed by the Danish team and probably have, or had, some value.

The only problem was that whoever had framed them had stapled straight through the shirts into the backing board. Apart from looking untidy the shirts now have a liberal number of holes in various places, effectively rendering them worthless.

Football shirts can be framed in a fully reversible way using stitches instead of staples and it is a shame to see such a bad example on public display.

Framing Ideas – Two Recent Framing Jobs

Here are a couple of images of some recent framing jobs. They are examples of how items other than pictures can be framed to good effect.  The items were of sentimental value to the owners but hard to display and protect. Framing provided the ideal way of providing long term protection whilst providing an attractive display.

A Framed Leaf

The customer wanted a simple frame for this printed leaf.  It was a present from her Daughter who had travelled to the far east.  As there was some depth to the leaf it needed a spacer between the mount and the glass. The narrow single mount provides a clean 3D shadow effect and the narrow silver moulding offsets the colours. Water white glass ensure the colours are clear and crisp. Quite a simple frame but pleasing to the eye.


A Ceramic Heart
This ceramic heart was given as a present and the customer wanted away of displaying it. Again the use of spacers and a shadow mount provided a nice setting for the item.  I used a double mount inside the frame to compliment the blue glaze of the heart.