Exhibition season is upon us

We are getting more orders to provide frames for exhibitions. The photos show one order for a number of inlay frames part way through the making process. These are the small frames, we have a similar quantity of larger frames to begin making tomorrow.


Shabby Chic Frame

This is one of a batch of shabby chic frames we have just made. A natural plain wood frame, red bole undercoat, Farrow and Ball ‘Mizzle’ top coat, fine grade sand paper, wax and a good buff. Nice.

Our best selling moulding of 2012

Our best selling frame moulding of 2012 was this simple natural wood profile with a hand applied dark wax.  Many customers seemed to like the simple clean lines and natural finish. The wood is ash which I like using as, although it is quite hard, cuts very well and has an attractive grain.


The grain varies quite a bit depending on how the original wood was positioned when the moulding was milled, and the finish you get is dependant on the visible grain pattern picking up the wax. When applied the wax is quite soft but is soon dry and it buffs up into a nice hard finish.  The picture above shows the moulding being used with a canvas, in this case a plain one used for photographs for our on-line store.