Framed Olympic Games Maker Shirt, Pass and Badges.

A customer travelled some way to see me to have her Games Maker shirt framed,  With some creative mount cutting on the CMC, several boards and a fair amount of creativity we came up with this.  What do you think?  Board colours are Hayseed and Damson. The moulding was a plain 21mm deep section natural waxed ash. (Facebook readers may have seen this one before but I wanted to add it to the blog so here it is again)



American Soccer Shirts


Having a sports shirt framed is a popular choice. This one is a little different in that the customer decided to have two shirts side by side in the same frame. It made for a big frame but other than that it was a straight forward job. The hardest part was getting the sleeve on the white jersey to lay correctly to display the ‘PBC’ logo and not to obscure the wording on the shirt.

The frame was in solid ash which I painted black. I prefer to do this for sports shirt framing as the resulting frame is very solid and much better than some of the cheaper alternatives found on-line.

Boards were Arqadia Hayseed and Damson, cut on our CMC.

The customer was delighted.